Thames Valley Farmers' Market Co-operative

Thames Valley Farmers' Market Association started in 2000, to represent small producers and farmers selling direct to consumers at farmers' markets in the Thames Valley. In October 2003, the association became Thames Valley Farmers' Market Co-operative Ltd.
The area has an abundance of natural resources available for farmers and producers. Trout and watercress are local specialities, and we produce award winning meats and cheeses. People in the area are looking for a return to quality, wholesome produce that they can use when making soups. From the first farmers' market in 1999 we have grown to 20 towns across the Thames Valley.
As with all co-operatives, we are based around the concepts of self-help, self responsibility and self-organisation and our aims are to:
  • Promote and manage farmers' markets
  • Provide quality local food to local communities
  • Enable farmers and small producers the opportunity to sell direct to the public
  • Be a key player in the world of food by developing strong links with other organisations
We provide contact between producers and consumers, and therefore promote greater understanding of the products on offer.

Local Food for Local People - Enter the Good Food Zone
All producers and products follow these guidelines:
  • Locally produced - either a county boundary or a radius of 30 - 50 miles
  • Principle producer - The stallholder must be directly involved in production
  • Primary produce - Produce must be grown, reared or caught within the defined local area
  • Secondary produce - Produce must be brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed using ingredients from the defined local area
Food and farming play a key role in creating and developing our culture, landscape and health. Produce sold direct can be fresher and more affordable. We promote a more sustainable society by reducing "food miles", with food produced to high environmental and welfare standards, reconnecting consumers with farming. Farmers' markets are a lifeline for small-scale producers. If you have any queries, or are interested in joining the co-operative as a producer, please contact TVFMC.